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Петиция в России Хронология борьбы с мошенничеством Binance

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More detailed and substantiated information is provided in the attached .pdf file of the complaint. This file also contains information where complaints are sent in parallel to the current one.

Dear Sir/Madam,


We, ScamBinance.com (a group of defrauded traders), are writing to inform you that the website Binance.com (hereinafter simply "Binance") which is registered with you and accepts financial transfers through your service. Binance is violating a number of criminal and financial laws, engaging in illegal/unlawful activities, and engaging in activities which are subject to licensing without a license. If this complaint has reached the wrong department, please forward it to the Complaints, Financial Crimes and Investigations department. We will try to outline the nature of the violations and requirements:

1. Binance.com platform (let's call it a crypto-exchange, though it's more a crypto-casino) is serviced by you and accepts financial transfers from its customers to your accounts. For this reason, it is you and your financial regulator that we are sending the complaint to. Binance is not licensed to provide financial services in your country, including not being licensed to conduct any type of business in any country in the world. Considering that some services are obligatory for licensing, Binance provides these services without licenses - illegally and illegally, for this reason the financial transactions performed through your service (acceptance of transfers for Binance) should be immediately stopped and a full investigation should be conducted by your lawyers.

2. Binance has been under investigation by the Chinese regulator since 2017 for the sale and issuance of unregistered securities, the main activity of the platform and the sale of the BNB token in question. At the moment, the platform is trading the XRP token, which is being sued by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) - meaning that Binance is still engaged in this illegal activity on its platform. Knowingly and intentionally, Binance is still manipulating the BNB token and retroactively adjusting the white paper.

3. Binance, at this moment, provides full banking services (not being a bank and not having a license for that), and provides brokerage (Forex) services (similarly - without the appropriate license in your jurisdiction (or any other)). Providing these services without proper financial regulation and licensing is unacceptable, illegal and illegitimate. Deposits, deposits, loans, fiat currency trading, all of which are full-fledged illegal banking and forex services, are present on the Binance platform.

4. Binance services were denied by the company QIWI (Russia), banks in Nigeria, the bank monobank (Ukraine). In particular, the bank Monobank stopped SEPA-transfers with the wording "prohibited by the current legislation of Ukraine activity". It should be noted that the activities of Binance in the current format - banned by the current legislation of any Asian, EU and post-Soviet countries (Commonwealth of Independent States - CIS).

5. Binance launders crypto-assets of such bankrupt exchanges as Cryptopia and btc-e (WEX). Stolen funds from Cryptopia and btc-e (WEX) deposited in Binance accounts and their fate is unknown. The Japanese exchange Fisco accused Binance of omission in laundering assets stolen in 2018 from the Zaif exchange, a lawsuit pending in California. The charges are similar - money laundering and money laundering.

6. Binance (Forbes magazine investigation) cheats the U.S. financial regulators and despite the bans from the U.S. authorities attracts to its platform and to its services U.S. residents, although it has absolutely no legal rights (including licenses). At this point, Binance has dropped its lawsuit against Forbes and its journalists. Moreover, Binance provides services to the citizens and residents of the USA through its certified partners (Binance provides them with liquidity) (a material on this subject will soon be in the public domain). The games with the U.S. legislation continue and these games are extremely dangerous for the financial service (remember the stories with payment systems Liberty Reserve, E-gold, cryptocurrency exchanges btc-e (WEX), the international service Wirecard).

7. According to the financial regulators, Binance has been operating illegally in China, Malta (official statement from regulator MFSA), Malaysia (official statement from regulator SC), Japan (official statement from regulator FSA), Hong Kong (official statement from regulator SFC), Brazil (official statement from regulator CVM), Liechtenstein (official statement from regulator FMA). There is a large layer of non-public information on Liechtenstein, especially on those lawsuits that are currently in process (including the rejection of the purchase of Union Bank).

8. Binance is involved in financial fraud with the issue and liquidation, turnover of BULL/BEAR tokens and UP/DOWN format tokens - their work involves exceptional exchange fraud in its essence (structure and operating principle). A similar type of exchange fraud occurs on the Binance platform all the time, not only with the UP/DOWN token format, but also on the futures market, on the spot market. Exchange fraud with quotes, liquidations, false positives, shutting down the system at necessary moments.

9. The Binance platform hides its legal data and actual location in order to avoid lawsuits and legal (and criminal) prosecution. In particular, legal data is concealed from financial regulators and users, as well as information about the real beneficiaries of Binance (Guangying Chen) is kept secret. Binance, providing its illegal services, has repeatedly changed jurisdictions, shamefully and falsely leaving the old one - it was in China, it was in Japan, it was in Malta.

10. We suspect Binance employees and its management of ordering and executing a DDoS attack on our servers and our project Scambinance.com (in February 2021). Also a criminal offense in its own right.

This Binance platform includes the following entities:
- Binance Holdings Limited - Cayman Islands (main legal entity)
- Binance Investments Company - Seychelles
- Shanghai Bijie Network Technology Co., Ltd (310230000837235) - China
- Binance (Hong Kong) Limited - Hong Kong
- Binance Europe Services Limited (C 85624) и Binance Marketing Services Limited (C 85602) - Malta
- Binance AG (CH- и Sigma Chain AG (CH- - Switzerland
- Binance Digital Limited, Binance Europe Limited, Binance Markets Limited - UK
- Binance Co. Limited - South Korea
- Moon Tech PTY Limited и  Binance Pty Limited (ABN 98‍ 621 652 579) - Australia
- Binance LCX AG (в процессе ликвидации) - Liechtenstein
- Binance Uganda Limited (в процессе ликвидации) - Uganda
- Binance Jersey Exchange Limited (в процессе ликвидации) - Jersey Island

None of these legal companies, including the main Binance Holdings Limited which owns the platform Binance.com has a license to conduct financial activities, does not have a banking license, does not have a broker (Forex) license - although, on the platform Binance.com all these services are provided in full. The activity is illegal, illegal and criminal, according to the laws of almost all countries of the world - has criminal prosecution.

For a more detailed analysis, you can get all the reasoned facts on our informative web site:
- https://scambinance.com/ (English version)
- https://scambinance.com/ru/ (Russian version)

Complaints and the whole layer of information are planned to be sent to the following list of financial regulators and international law enforcement organizations, payment aggregators:
- VISA и MasterCard
- https://scambinance.com/ru/submit_a_complaint_countries_organizations_associates_financial_regulator.html

We look forward to your deliberate and reasonable decision, we ask that you immediately cease providing services to the Binance platform on the basis of the financial irregularities and crimes outlined. Freeze your accounts and accounts in your financial system until all of the circumstances are resolved. If you have any questions, please contact us at [email protected] or [email protected] (ScamBinance.com representative).

ScamBinance.com Team
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